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Executive summary about Tassimo Coffee Maker TA1200 By Braun By Lena Baker


Despite the limitation on the availability of the refills or the choices of flavors of the T-discs, the flavor that the available ones does produce using this machine is excellent. It does take a while to brew coffee and many owners, though they absolutely recommend this, advise that you keep it as a secondary coffee maker if you want a real quick cup in the morning. Tassimo Machine is perfect for making different drinks for guests, visiting family or for making hot-beverages throughout the day. Since it can make hot chocolate, even the kids will love this. This Single Serve Coffee Maker, having a small footprint, is great in the bedroom, the sitting room or in your office. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, always order a few weeks in advance because processing orders for refills can take a while. Highly recommended for the flavor and quality of the hot beverage it produces for such a low cost. An absolute bargain.

Tassimo Coffee Maker has an advanced system that makes it a great home brewer of almost any hot drink variety: coffee, tea, espresso, hot chocolate, and even espresso based coffees like cappuccinos and lattes. It makes all these drinks with just a touch of a button! This is done by using the T-Discs which contains all the precisely measured ingredients needed for the drink.

Its advance system has a bar code that identifies brewing conditions such as time, temperature and amount of water so that it can consistently deliver perfectly made drinks every time. With the brewing all happening in the T-Disc, clean up is a breeze too!

Now you can enjoy your favorite hot beverage just by inserting the T-Disc, pressing the button and in under a minute you have a perfect cup of customized hot beverage. You can fully appreciate the Tassimo if you partner it with grounds, leaves or cocoa of the same quality; we advise that you use quality brands like Gevalia, Suchard and Twinings. Enjoy having your very own expert barista right in the comfort of your own home.

What's good about this single serve coffee maker?
Drip cup can be removed so you can put a travel sized mug under
Easy to clean
Small Footprint
Makes great cappuccinos and lattes. The flavors are always very rich, smooth and has lots of froth
Hot chocolate also comes out perfect
Easy to use
Very functional yet simple
Sleek design
The bar code reader allows for a no-fail drink
Lots of drink options: tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate, lattes
Some things to consider:

Doesn't come with any free Tassimo discs or T-discs
Does not have water purifying system
too slow to make drinks for a group
Should be cleaned immediately if milk is used because there always seem to be leftover milk around the area where the creamer disc sits
Always have to empty the bottom of the cup holder as this can accumulate a lot of overflow water
T-discs variants are rather limited
The T-discs are a little bit more pricey
Sometimes the T-discs could not be "read" through the bar code and drinks have to be made manually
Refills are hard to find

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