Sunday, July 22, 2012


Executive summary about How to Lose Pure Fat Fast By Peter Jayson

Would you like to slim down or even body fat? Many people just want to lose weight which could be a combination of water weight, muscle, and fat.  However if you feel about this I am certain a person may wish to shed real body fat since it is actually body fat that lots of individuals really feel is actually unsightly. I'm not really stating I actually do.

Because Researchers believe it's the natural chlorogenic acids and other antioxidants contained inside the coffee beans. However, in order to obtain weight loss results, the beans must remain in un-roasted "green" form. Once the beans are roasted, the effectiveness of the chlorogenic acids is diminished. green coffee bean extract (GCA), the product used in this particular study, contains high concentrations of chlorogenic acids. These acids are known to have several health benefits and understood to influence glucose and fat metabolism. Chlorogenic acid, also found in green tea extract and other plants and fruits, is a natural antioxidant which slows the amount of glucose into the bloodstream after food consumption.


green tea is even better because have caffeine to get you going for the day. Green promotes fat loss more than any other natural fat burner. It is also full of cancer fighting antioxidants.

When you do cardio try high intensity training. It does not have to be that intense but it really helps burn pure fat over light cardio. What you do is warm up for five minutes and then start jogging at a slow pace for three minutes. Then for one minute straight spring hard. That is one interval. Do four to six intervals for each work out and do three work outs every week. This is also great for increasing your speed and stamina.

Don't stop being active during the day. Just because you have done your work out for the day does not mean you can go for a walk or do some kind of light exercise.

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