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Information Black Coffee Calories

Executive summary about Black Coffee Calories By S Brooks

Espresso could be a lot of things to a lot of differing people. For many, it's merely a method to obtain sufficient coffee to get going each and every early morning. With regard to other people, it is much more of the infatuation and they'll happily spend some time suggesting regarding a common bean, mix, or even brew. If you're the espresso enthusiast, you might question in the event that consuming espresso might be sabotaging your diet plan. Are you adding pounds simply by indulging in a few cups of coffee each day?

If you are drinking your coffee black, the answer to that question is a resounding "no." An eight ounce cup of brewed coffee contains only two calories. The calories in coffee come from the naturally occurring oils found in the coffee beans. If you are drinking instant coffee, the calorie count is slightly higher with four calories per eight ounce serving. This is due to the processing involved in creating instant coffee. For either option, brewed or instant, the calorie count is negligible.

The problem with calories comes not from the coffee, but from what we add to it. If you are like many people who find coffee slightly bitter without being sweetened, you may add a spoonful or two of sugar. Each teaspoon of sugar contains fifteen calories, so adding just one spoonful takes the calorie count of your eight ounce cup of coffee from two calories to seventeen calories. A teaspoon of milk will add another nine calories, or, if you are someone who likes cream in their coffee, a teaspoon of that will add another fifty calories.

If you're viewing your own calorie intake, you are able to nevertheless appreciate dark espresso.  At 2 calories per cup, it is something you can feel good about indulging self.

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