Monday, July 23, 2012


Tips for Responsible Coffee Consumption

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“Drinking coffee responsibly?” some might ask…but not Eat Drink Better readers! So no doubt, coffee consumption takes a major toll on the environment.

1. Avoid Corporate Coffee – Big coffee brands mass produce coffee, and do not think twice about cutting down trees to create large coffee plantations.

2. Compost Used Coffee Grounds – If you’re a green thumb, you’ll love this tip (if you don’t already know it). The heavy nitrogen content in the coffee is a powerful fertilizer.
Cats don’t like the smell of coffee either.

3. No Need For a Coffee Stirrer – Rather than mixing sugar and cream with a plastic spoon or stirrer, try pouring them into an empty cup.

4. Go Local – To reduce the amount of carbon produced by shipping coffee halfway around the world, try buying coffee that has traveled the shortest distance to reach you.

5. Look for Fair Trade Coffee – If you’re going organic, and avoiding corporate coffee, buying fair trade coffee just makes sense. Rainforest Alliance and Transfair coffees not only ensure fair living wages for coffee farmers, they take into account environmental standards in their certification process.

6. Get Re-Usable Filters – To help reduce the amount of paper you use when drinking coffee, it’s a good idea to get a reusable gold coffee filter; not only will it help the environment, but it will improve the taste of your coffee. There you have it, 10 easy ways to reduce the impact of coffee on the environment.

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