Monday, July 16, 2012


Executive summary about The Best Coffee-Pod Machines on the Market - Evaluations By Juan Navarro

Right here, you will discover a directory of the primary manufacturers associated with coffee-pod devices available on the market.

In this article, you'll find a new service in the principal companies linked to coffee-pod units out there.

The Philips Senseo machine is modern in its design, however,  It does, have its disadvantages such as the water reservoir, which could be bigger and, though it may be cheap, still has a good set of features.

Though there aren't a large variety of products on offer and the used coffee-pods aren't disposed of automatically either. These machines use Senseo coffee capsules, which produce an extraordinary espresso coffee,

The overall value for money, however, in terms of price and quality is very good.

This is a coffee machine that's different from the rest, very avant-garde with a large pressure pump of 18 bars. It is manufactured by Illy, the multinational coffee company.

Though This, there type of capsules can be bought from many different outlets. But this is system uses membrane coffee-pods and guarantees the highest quality coffee.

the Illy coffee-pod system does have one disadvantage; the used pods aren't disposed of automatically, which means you have to remove them when you are finished making each coffee.

Lavazza is one of the world leaders in gourmet coffee and have a range of gourmet coffee-pods called Lavazza a Modo Mio.

The machine is small but very robust and disposes of used pods automatically, while the preparation of the coffee is also automatic.

The coffee-pods are compact and there are a large variety of coffees, infusions and hot drinks (cappuccinos and hot chocolates) on offer.

Nespresso is the current market leader in coffee-pod machines. They offer a huge variety of gourmet coffee (12 different types) and a large range of machines to cater for all tastes. All of them are manufactured by well-known brands such as Krupp, Delonghi and Siemens.

Our recommendation is the Nespresso Citiz machine, with its modern design incorporating a front panel made of plastic and aluminium, a very robust coffee machine. Nespresso coffee-pods can be bought from Nespresso shops or directly from Nespresso online.

The Dolce Gusto Piccolo It belongs to the NestlĂ© family and is manufactured by Krupp. this machine is a machine that is very much en mode at the moment. 

It is very small in size but has lots of features and can fit into any available space. The great advantage is its ability to prepare latte with the additional choice of milk pods.

Tassimo T 65

Tassimo machines use a very original barcode system incorporated into its coffee-pods. The machine reads the code on each pod and automatically prepares the coffee following each drink's specifications.

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