Friday, July 6, 2012


Executive summary about 4 Steps to Make a Perfect Cup - Tassimo Coffee Maker By Odette Flence

Brewing hot beverage with Tassimo coffee maker is a revolutionary way to create a variety of delicious hot drinks in the comfort of your home.

Choose from a variety of t discs only acknowledged by Tassimo single cup brewing technology. that will gives you an intense expresso also created your choice of cappuccinos and lattes, as well as, hot chocolate and tea drinks! Enjoy the rich, full taste of Tassimo brands-- Starbucks Coffee, the Nabob Coffee Company, Maxwell House, Gevalis, Mastro Lorenzo, Kenco and many more.

Once inserted, the machine reads the barcode label wherein its infrastructure has been pre-programmed to manage the adjustments needed for a specific drink. Each Tassimo t-disc has a mini-brewing chamber where all the brewing occurs inside.

Press the button, wait for a few seconds and voila! Your drink is ready. Now, you can enjoy your cup of choice and devour for the next one right away.

With many features, you can fancy a milder cup of your choice. Simply hold the button to pass on more water after the brewing process stops. You can even opt for a stronger blend with its manual mode capability.

Tassimo single cup coffee machines accommodate most of your favorite cups and mugs. Use the lower level of the adjustable cup stand for most smaller cups, while adjust it higher for an espresso cup.

Tassimo T65 series has this multilingual LCD that guides users the necessary steps and functions in 5 different languages! That's how convenience is made easy with these machines.
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