Thursday, July 12, 2012


Top Three Keurig Coffee Makers

By Richard Grubb

The Keurig brand is a world recognized coffee brewer. With some of the best technology packed into these machines everyone wants one. So what are the best Keurig coffee makers? That is a great question and I am here today to share my opinion on that.

For starters there are currently three machines made from Keurig that really stand out to most people. They are The Keurig Mini Plus, Keurig B40 Elite, and Keurig B60 Platinum. Between these three coffee makers they make up most of Keurig's sales. So which is the best? It all depends really. Let's take a look at what you get.

Keurig Mini Plus

The mini plus is one of their most basic models. It brews a cup of coffee in about three minutes and has three different cup sizes to choose from. The Mini plus is their least expensive model and is a great way to get into the Keurig world.

Keurig B40 Elite

The B40 Elite is the next step up from the mini plus. The B40 has some features that its little brother is lacking. The biggest feature this brewer has is a 48oz reservoir to hold water for about 7 cups worth of coffee. This is great because you only need to fill your coffee maker with water every few days instead of every time you want a cup of coffee. The B40 also features two of the most popular cup sizes to choose from.

Keurig B60 Platinum

The B60 platinum has all the features of the B40 except it has three cup sizes to choose from. Also the B60 offers an auto On/Off where the B40 only has an auto off. One of the biggest features of the B60 is the ability to choose temperatures for your coffee. This is a big deal and is the first coffee maker in the line to be capable of doing that. Other than that it is basically the same as the B40.

I would suggest anyone really interested in these coffee makers to give them a try. They make great flavorful coffee, eliminate mess, and have so many flavors to choose from you won't run out of flavors to try ever. I own one of these personally and have written reviews of many that I have tried myself. I love Keurig Coffee Makers and have a feeling you will to as soon as you try one.


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