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10 Tips on Buying the Best Coffee Maker For Your Home

Executive summary about 10 tips on buying the best coffee maker for home By Yogi Shinde 


With coffee makers, as with most machines, simple is always better. All you want is a cup of coffee. 


You want a coffee maker that does the job all the way through, nothing too much, and nothing left half done. Underachievers that don't extract enough flavor, and overachievers that boil the water too much that your coffee gets too bitter; you don't want them.

Type of Coffee

It pays to know what kind of coffee you love to have from your coffee maker. For most brews, drip coffee makers are all right. For espresso, a dedicated espresso machine is the only one that will do. The coffee you want tells you what kind of coffee maker you need.

Cup Size

See if the coffee maker makes a decent-sized serving at one go. Decent-sized is relative. If your morning wake up ritual needs two cups, then see that your coffee maker can deliver just that. Make sure what you buy neither serves too little nor overflows your cup and wastes all that coffee goodness.


A good coffee maker should hold enough water for a decent amount of servings at one time. Bad coffee makers tend to have big reservoirs, and cheap machine parts within, just so that they can pass as coffee makers.


Measure the coffee maker's set of features along with its build and its price.


A branded machine can beat any brandless contraption anytime.


You want to maintain your coffee maker's service life.


You don't want anything bigger than your counter. If you buy something that can sit snugly at the corner of your kitchen, then you'd want to use it day after day, since it doesn't "intrude" in your kitchen space.


Make sure that there are no exposed electric parts; that everything is properly insulated. Sometimes there are spills, and you don't want a shock when you clean up the spill. See if the handles are cool to the touch and children who fumble with them and won't get burned.

Coffee makers come in many shapes and sizes. Simplify your search of your best coffee maker by setting your criteria of what you want from your machine before you start looking for your perfect coffee maker.

6 Essential Tips to Buying Your Home Coffee Machine

Executive summary about  6 essential tips to buying your home coffee machine By Anthony Hegarty

Do you love coffee?

1. What type of Coffee do you like to drink?

Because you need your new coffee machine to make this type of coffee well enough so you will enjoy it each and every day. Try to see the coffee machine actually working - ask for a demo. It looks like rich dripping honey as the coffee extracts from the group head.

2. Machine Pressure

You need adequate pressure to extract the coffee from the beans you would like to use.  Quality machines have at least 15 bars of pressure - don't even look at any machine with less than this as you won't be happy with the quality of the final product. This is a big selling point with machines and will be easy to find in the list of benefits for each type.

3. Do I need an Automatic or Manual Machine?

Fully automatic machines cost much more but do everything for you and still make a fantastic coffee - at a price. Perhaps a semi-automatic machine is the way to go as you can control such elements as "milk frothing" and the "coffee grind" while still have the machine control extraction time and temperature.

4. Hot Water is critical.

When making several coffees, cheaper machines will give up - water needs to be heated and while using the steam wand and group head you deplete the water boiler and then have to refill. Dual boilers are fantastic but can be expensive or look for a machine with "thermoblock" technology which reheats the water quickly and more efficiently.

5. The Best Grind.

You can buy pre ground coffee beans which are vacuum sealed - ok but not great - air makes the coffee go stale fairly quickly. The coffee grind is an extremely important step and only buy a coffee machine with a built in grinder if you know you can control this element of your coffee making.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance.

Coffee Machines need to be cleaned and maintained. Some machines offer automatic cleaning and descaling which makes life easy. Consider purchasing coffee cleaning powder or your machines suggested cleaner at time of purchase to keep your machine in tip top condition.

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