Thursday, April 26, 2012


What is Starbucks Coffee All About?

By Mike Ramidden

When you walk through the door at a Starbucks, the first thing you are likely to see is the crowd of people reading the paper or chatting with friends while lingering over a cafe mocha. Then, when you look a little further, you will see the smiling face of the barista ready to take your order and tempt you with some of their mouth watering pastries. All of this is done while you are breathing in that wonderful aroma of Starbucks coffees and you hope that the memory will last until your next visit.

Is the recognition from purely branding that makes them rank right up there with other popular brands such as Coca Cola and McDonalds? Or, is it due to the number of locations worldwide making it bound to be recognized through advertising? Or, is a Starbucks coffee just that good; a part of something special?

The concept began as a place where people could go and hang out with friends while enjoying one of the Starbucks coffees; a place that was not home or work but more like a "third place," as CEO Howard Schultz put it. The design of the coffee houses lends itself as a place where people can go for social interaction or even for some quite reading while enjoying a specialty, gourmet coffee. Many locations have a fairly well stocked game and reading shelf for you to enjoy while there.

Of course, Starbucks is all about this wonderful drink. From a coffee cup full of their special blend to lattes and espressos, Starbucks is synonymous with it and they take it very seriously. They started out as premium roasters of this wonderful drink and have held fast to their beginnings by serving only excellent brews. They recently underwent some changes and now discard any coffee that had been brewed for more than a half hour.

Starbucks have a commitment to provide excellent service and coffee, which is evident in how they run their business. At one time they served breakfast sandwiches but some people complained that the food smell overpowered the aroma of Starbucks coffees and made the establishment smell more like a diner than a coffee house.

They also ask their employees to avoid wearing any type of heavy perfume, as that may also interfere with the flavor and taste of the coffee. As well, they have designated their indoor spaces to be non-smoking areas so that again, nothing overpowers the great aroma of their coffee.

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