Thursday, February 16, 2012


Executive summary about Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans  By Admin

A coffee latte you can pop into your mouth! Café Britt 100% gourmet coffee beans are espresso roasted and delicately dipped in white chocolate cocoa butter. Our coffee beans' natural sweetness and crunchy texture complement the creamy white-chocolate flavor for a soothing sensation that lingers in your palate.

Pure white cocoa butter poured deliciously over the darkest espresso beans! The darkest roast of espresso beans complements perfectly the smooth sweetness of white chocolate. While the taste of coffee might be strong, the white chocolate balances out the robustness for a soothing bittersweetness. These white chocolate covered coffee beans are simply delicious to look at, too—creamy off-white little ovals which make for great party food. You can’t go wrong with sweetness and coffee at the same time with these chocolate covered coffee beans.

These white chocolate covered espresso beans have all the caffeine and pleasure of rich espresso with none of the bitterness.

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