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Executive summary about ginger coffee of indonesia By jojokaya

Coffee is not undoubtedly one of the most consumed beverage in the world. Who can resist of hot coffee drink during cold winter day, especially after shovelling the snow or skiing?. Love coffee and spices?. Want to know how to get sensational spices touch in your coffee?. Check out this traditional Indonesian ginger coffee (kopi jahe) recipe that will satisfy your craving for coffee. Save your hard-earned money back into your pocket by brewing your own coffee at home yet with great health benefits.

Indonesia is well known as one of the top coffee producers in the world. Indonesian love their coffee with sweet and strong ginger flavor. Some spices are usually added other than ginger such as clove, lemongrass, cinnamon, and pandanus leaves. Those spices are beneficial to boost immune system and very effective against cold during winter or rainy season. And the best part of making Indonesian ginger coffee coule be that it requires no coffee makers. Its simple and easy.

Tips and facts:
Add your favorite creamer to your ginger coffee.

Indonesian love to add sweet condensed milk instead of creamer.

Use instant coffee if you do not like Indonesian style of coffee making. This traditional method is called "kopi tubruk" style or "crash coffee".

Indonesian love to use boiling water for their coffee to get very strong and bitter taste.

If you are using coffee maker, put the coffee into the filter then pour the hot boiling ginger broth over the coffee.

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