Friday, May 11, 2012


B60 Keurig Coffee Maker - Reasons Why We Love Gourmet Coffee Makers

By Anais Garcia

Let's consider for a moment the benefits of having a gourmet coffee brewer. If you are like me and have only a few minutes to prepare your morning coffee, then you should check out the B60 Gourmet coffee maker from Keurig.

First of all, let's talk about durability. There are lots of coffee brewers in the market, but most of them are just cheap replica of top rated coffee machines. Before getting my B60 Keurig Coffee Maker, I was often being disappointed because after a month or two of regular use, my traditional brewer would break; and this happen to be an exasperating situation whenever you are trying to prepare some coffee and leave your house. Unlike those cheap clones, my B60 Keurig coffee machine is durable. You can literally make thousand coffees per month and it will still be untouched. This is one of the main reasons why small restaurants are choosing Keurig for their businesses.

The principal reason why the model B60 of Keurig is so popular is because it gives you the option to prepare a wide variety of beverages in record time. Let's assume, you invite some friends for coffee time at your house and then, they come with their child. With your B60 Keurig coffee maker you can please them all by making a lathe for the husband, cappuccino for the wife and also some delicious hot chocolate for the kid. It's simple, you just have to set up three types of beverage in the Keurig's menu and that's it. This means also that you can save money that otherwise you would have spent in additional kitchen tools to be able to prepare this variety. Also, if you are sometimes lazy like I am, you may stop using the kettle once and for all, because the B60 Keurig coffee maker will also get you some hot water in a couple of minutes.

Other great thing about the B60 model is that it uses K-cups, which is standard for today's coffee machines. This means that you don't have to check out all stores in your neighborhood to find the right cup for it. You can also find the Keurig B60 as a bundled with a special type of coffee. With this coffee you are able to prepare over 70 different flavors, including regular coffee, chocolate, cocoa and more.

Considering all this possibilities, you might think that handling the Keurig B60 coffee maker is a complicated task. However, to be fair, I must say that it isn't at all. On top of the casing you have your quick action buttons as well as the LCD panel with navigation buttons. In this menu you can set up your coffee maker and configure your preferences. This menu is mainly used to set up the coffee variety and you can easily find here one of various types you wish to serve for your guest or yourself. This machine has clean interface, it's easy to navigate and elegantly designed.

Since I pointed out the design, I should also mention the whole casing design of Keurig B60. The first thing that comes to mind is that this coffee maker is really compact and don't use much space in your counter top. All hardware is clever arranged in the casing, and therefore it's so small. The whole coffee maker is solid, presented in matt black, with top trim in silver color. This looks aesthetic on a white, silver or a gray kitchen worktop so you don't have to hide your machine in shame like those cheap knockoffs, whenever a guest comes around. 

Overall B60 Keurig coffee maker is great for daily basis and for special occasions. You will get many types of beverages in just a few minutes. It's durable, well designed and can be a real life-changer whenever you are in a hurry or better yet, any time you have the chance to relax and enjoy your coffee.

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