Friday, August 24, 2012

Kopi Luwak Cappuccino Cream Stout – partial mash

Kopi Luwak Cappuccino Cream Stout Recipe – partial mash 

I have reciently tasted some wonderfull coffe beers and wanted to create something on my own.

I took a Sam Adams Cream Stout clone recipe and tweeked it 

  1. 10oz Crystal 60L malt
  2. 0.5lb Chocolate malt
  3. 2.5lb 2-row malt
  4. 6oz black barley malt
  5. 1lb wheat LME (liquid malt extract)
  6. 4lb amber LME
  7. 1lb lactose 
  8. 0.75oz Golding hops, .5oz Glacier hops (60 min)
  9. 0.25oz Golding hops (15 min)
  10. Wyeast London ESB 1968 yeast

You will notice I substituted the 1 lb of maltodextrin for 1 lb lactose to turn it from a cream stout to a milk stout. I will use then 3 oz Kopi Luwak coffee (added to secondary) to finish off the beer.
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