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Executive summary about Tassimo Beverage Maker - Why It's Different From Your Coffee Maker By Kurt Maxwell

Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, hot tea and more can be made in about 60 seconds with the tassimo machine. The Tassimo beverage maker is perfect if you enjoy a variety of different hot beverages.

If you have watched them make a cappuccino and thought it looked complicated with been to Starbucks then for a treat when you learn how the tassimo works.

No question that you must make sure to get a lot of things right to make a great espresso or cappuccino however the people who created the tassimo beverage machine understood this and wanted to make it so simple that virtually anyone can using.

The Tassimo Beverage Maker

The tassimo beverage maker uses what they call T DISCs, which are nothing short of ingenious. with the perfect amount of pre-measured amounts of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and each disc has a barcode on the label which there is in tassimo machine. reading when inserted to tell the it exactly how much water is needed, brew time, brew temperature, etc. for can a perfect cup every time in about 60 seconds!

Ingenious - T DISCs!

It's actually fun to make different drinks and experiment. The T DISCs are available in all the big name brands including:

* Starbucks 
* Gevalia 
* Seattle's best 
* Jacobs 
* Carte Noire 
* Maxwell House 
* Kaffe HAG 
* Rainforest Alliance 
* Mastro Lorenzo 
* Kenco 
* Nabob 
* Twinings 
* and more...

The best part is unlike many of the espresso or pod coffee makers the Tassimo Beverage Maker is extremely affordable.

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