Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WiFi Make Easier - Become a Commodity For Everyday Life

Wi-Fi Starts to Become a Commodity For Everyday Life

Executive summary about Wi-Fi Starts to Become a Commodity For Everyday Life By John Jungmin Lee

Barnes & Noble, McDonald's, and Starbucks are three of the biggest franchises in the world. Only AT&T wired broadband customers and some AT&T wireless customers had free wireless access at the bookstores.

McDonald's started offering free Wi-Fi in the first month of 2010 at all of its U.S. fast food restaurants.

About six months later, Starbucks started offering unlimited free wireless Internet access at all company-operated U.S. locations beginning July 1, 2010, part of an continuous effort to bring more customers to Starbucks.

It came as Starbucks worked to take business back from rivals like McDonald's and even Panera Bread that has long offered free Internet access to their customers.

Starbucks customers will also get free Wi-Fi access to some online content through its Wi-Fi starting this Fall. Barnes & Noble sells more books and e-books. McDonald's sells more McNuggets, french fries, and soda. Starbucks sells more coffee and cake. 

WiFi Restaurants Make it Easier to Go Freelance

Executive summary about WiFi Restaurants Make it Easier to Go Freelance By Eden Paul

Step into a Panera restaurant and you will see why Wi-Fi hotspots like these are making it easier to go freelance and leave your cubicle behind.

Look around the restaurants, there are workers everywhere...but they don't work for Panera Bread. This Wi-Fi (short for "wireless fidelity") is changing the way that people go about their work. Some freelance professionals move their base of operations right to local caf├ęs.

Wi-Fi "Hotspots" are popping up everywhere. The coolest benefit to most is the ability to access work wherever they are. "I can enjoy the sunshine out on the patio on a sunny day, " says one freelance professional, "and I still get more work done that in an office with lots of interruptions. It's the best way to work."

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