Monday, April 30, 2012


Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets

Executive summary about Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets By Christine Rankin

Gourmet coffee gift baskets are a delicious idea for the gift-giving season! These baskets are perfect for giving to loved ones, friends, neighbors, bosses and coworkers. Small baskets are perfect for coworkers and acquaintances, while larger ones are perfect for giving to family and close friends.

These gift baskets are also a lot of fun to make! After I purchased the baskets, I went to the local coffee shop and bought several one pound bags of coffee. For the coworker and acquaintance baskets, I purchased ground coffee so they could use the coffee right away, with or without a grinder.

I also bought several small packs from the grocery store of flavored coffee. I sprinkled these into the baskets for some different flavors of coffee to try.

After I had purchased the coffee and the baskets, it was time to add some fun stuff! I went to the local dollar store and found some adorable coffee mugs. 

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Executive summary about Coffee Gift Basket Ideas For Coffee Lovers By Aiden W

Coffee gift baskets make wonderful gifts for the coffee lovers in your circle of friends and family. A coffee connoisseur is a bit different than a regular or occasional coffee drinker who thinks Java is just another drink.

A true coffee lover seeks excellence in their morning cup. You should keep that in mind as you create your coffee gift basket. Let's start with the beans. 

Grinders are an essential part of the art of coffee drinking. It's important to grind the beans right before brewing a pot as ground coffee rather quickly loses its flavor and aroma. A mug and a thermos are also great accessories to add into the coffee gift basket. 

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