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Coffee Percolators - Give Fresh Hot Coffee

By David Urmann

A percolator is a fashionable pot mostly used by outdoor lovers in brewing coffee. It is often used by people with strict environmental concerns because it uses less water, even without electricity. Here are some things you need to know regarding these coffee percolators.

First, before the process starts make sure that all parts of the percolator are cleaned. Then assemble it before preparing the coffee. Place coffee beans on the brew basket then add water in the carafe (the jug). As a guide, one tablespoon of ground coffee matches one cup of water.

A percolator has two chambers, one on top and one on the bottom. The top part is for the ground coffee and the bottom is for the water when it boils. The water rises through a small tube which goes to the chamber on top. A typical percolator sound is heard when water rises. The sound stops when the process is completed. Repeat the steps until the desired consistency is reached. The mixture is strained and coffee falls on the bottom chamber.

Avoid reboiling water to avoid bitterness in coffee. Throw out used coffee in the basket before pouring the mixture to cups. The concentrated coffee mixture is now ready to be served.

In order to achieve a well brewed coffee, air bubbles should be formed in boiling water at the bottom. It will then rise naturally. The pump stem tube base is actually designed for the concentration of air bubbles and geared towards the opening. When water reaches the top of the pump stem, discharges are spread on the cover to disperse water. The desired mixture will then become stronger each time the water filters through the grounds. It will move more oils into the infusion. This process only takes about 5 to 6 minutes.

Different types of percolators have different heating mechanisms. It could be electrical, stove top or microwave. Heat sources can be natural fire fit for outdoors and stove tops for the indoors. A percolator uses pressure to achieve a well-balanced coffee making process. Most of these machines nowadays use glass to be able to view the process.

One of the perks of modern percolators is its capability to boil ground coffee sans manual intervention. There's little room for mistakes.

As the market makes way for more percolators, strict temperature control is being implemented in using such devices. A piston, French press (a familiar sight in coffee houses of the orient) and drip brewer are two of the most popular form of brewing tools. These are used to force the water over the beans and extract liquid.

Good quality coffee can be achieved with the right preparation and process. If coffee ground and water are measured properly and consistently, it will be easy to produce freshly brewed coffee. Choose the right type of percolator that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

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