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Keurig specializes in manufacturing one cup coffee machines. If you want to purchase a Keurig single cup machine, be prepared to purchase the K-cups.

The coffee grounds are sealed in the cups. Unlike other brewers that use coffee grounds, you cannot easily tweak its taste. The K-cups have already been pre-measured. If you are a strong coffee drinker, this may be letdown.

However, you can always go for the B50 or B60 machine models of Keurig Company. These models can allow you to use brewing volumes up to 5.25 ounce. This is already quite good for those who have a need for strong coffee taste. The only downside to this is that it will produce less coffee.

If you are using the other sizes of brewing machines from this company, a highly suggested alternative to achieve a stronger flavour of coffee is to buy the Extra Bold K-cups. They also sell this in the market along with the other sizes of K-cups.

Another alternative is to purchase some helpful accessories such as the K-cup reusable filter. It is not premeasured. You will do the measuring of coffee grounds yourself so you can fill it up to the brim to achieve the strong taste you want. I think this is the best one because it will also not limit your gourmet coffee options. You can use any other coffee grounds. The Extra Bold cups can be difficult to find.

Choose any of these alternatives if you want to make the coffee your Keurig brewer produces a lot stronger. It worked well for other people so it should work for you too.

Many people who enjoy drinking coffee don't really need a full pot of coffee, so a single cup coffee maker is the perfect choice. There are a number of manufacturers offering single cup coffee makers,and they come in many different price ranges.

Among the leading brands are Keurig, Mr. Coffee, West Bend, Nescafe, and Bosch.

Keurig coffee makers are a popular choice among consumers who are shopping for a mid to high range model. Keurig makes some of the more stylish models and are probably best known for the K cup system. A k cup is a plastic container that has a filter inside. Ground coffee beans are sealed inside and the brewer punctures the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup and forces hot water through the K-Cup and into a cup or mug.

West Bend models are among the least expensive and can be used with ground coffee,tea bags,or coffee or tea pods. West Bend is a trusted name in the world of appliances and their coffee makers are popular among people who are first time buyers.

Bosch, or Tassimo as their coffee makers are called, used T-discs, which are similar to K cups. T-discs contain precisely measured amounts of the ingredients for each drink and are sealed to protect the flavors inside. They also use barcode technology where the brewer scans the barcode printed on the label of each T-Disc to identify the drink desired.

Nescafe makes what many consider to be one of the most appealing and stylish single cup coffee makers on the market. It works with pre-ground, pre-sealed coffee capsules containing 100-percent Arabica fine ground coffee.

Mr. Coffee is one of the most well known names among coffee makers and they offer a line of single serving makers as well. These machines come with 3 pod holders, single pod, double pod and ground coffee.They are also compatible with pods from a variety of makers. You can also use your own coffee grounds or loose tea instead of pods.

There are many choices available for anyone in the market for one of these machines. There are models available for any budget and lifestyle. Coffee drinkers all over praise these machines for their convenience and versatility. As with any purchase do your research properly and you will be able to find the perfect model for your needs.

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