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Executive summary about US Cities That Love Coffee By Christine Rankin

Coffee consumption is a huge industry in the United States. Seattle is number one for coffee-lovers for so many reasons. Whether you are a fan of Starbucks, or not, you have to say this coffee empire changed the coffee-loving world. The hustle and bustle of this famous coffee shop it amazing. Seattle is also known for the plethora of mom and pop coffee shops, the infamous "Slayer" espresso maker, and many coffee tasting rooms. Portland, Oregon is a beautiful place to visit, live and to drink coffee! One of the most famous Portland roasters is Stumptown Coffee Roasters that produce some of the most delicious coffee in the world!

New York City is a mecca that thrives on coffee. Although your city may not be on the list of the best coffee spots, finding a perfect cup of coffee is so simple.

Coffee Products For Home Use

Executive summary about Coffee Products For Home Use By Rebecca G Wishford

Coffee beans from both species go for processing and they are then turned into the different types of coffee that you can buy today. If you want full control over your coffee, you will want to buy green beans to roast yourself. The roasting process is what gives coffee a lot of its flavours. For those with less time or inclination to roast their own coffee, you can buy your beans ready roasted. Ready-ground coffee can be bought in vacuum sealed bags to save you having to do it yourself. Loose ground coffee is compatible with many coffee makers, and using this type of coffee means that you can still measure out the exact amount you want to use, to get the precise taste you are after.

These days ground coffee is also available in capsules. Instant coffee is often scorned by coffee buffs but some are really tasty and they are very convenient for situations such as camping where making other types of coffee isn't so easy. Coffee essence is another useful coffee product. It is the

essence of rich brewed coffee that has been concentrated to give an intense coffee flavour.

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