Sunday, April 22, 2012


A Review of Lavazza Coffee

Executive summary about Review of Lavazza Coffee By Steve Turley 

Gourmet coffee drinking has take the world by storm, as java drinkers enjoy coffee from green coffee beans that come from the earth's finest locations, such as Brazil and Colombia.
If you like to make espresso in an at-home espresso maker, Lavazza has two suitable flavors: Lavazza Crema e Aroma and Super Crema.
Fans of Lavazza also find that the coffee beans have much less oil on them than many brands of American coffee. 

For a great cup of coffee, start out by trying Lavazza Gran Filtro. If you prefer a very strong flavor in your coffee, some people mix Gran Filtro with a stronger espresso roast. 

Dek is Lavazza's decaf coffee, and its fans like it because it does not taste like drinking decaffeinated coffee. There are many more flavors of Lavazza coffee beans. 

Review of the 2009 Lavazza Calendar

Lavazza coffee beans are just one facet of this Italian coffee company's product line. The photographs in the 2009 wall calendar include glamorous models holding a simple coffee cup, or feature coffee in a more unique way (for example, by wearing a mask that looks like a china coffee cup).

This year's Lavazza calendar features color photography; however, many of the past years' calendars have included black and white photography. Previous calendar photographers have included David LaChapelle and Findlay McKay. Coffee fans who are looking for a calendar that focuses primarily on coffee culture and less on high fashion and stylish photography may find the Lavazza calendars somewhat lacking. 

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