Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Best espresso beans

By Marc Weedbrook

True espresso coffee is generally a small 1-2 oz shot of pressure-brewed coffee and about a tablespoon of finely ground coffee that is brewed for around 30 seconds. When correctly brewed an espresso will have a glorious crema on the surface which is layer of rich dark golden cream.

The term Espresso (often misspelled Expresso) is very loosely a term meaning a coffee made just for you. Just like the barista in a coffee club preparing your favorite shot as you wait.

Baristas will make many cups of coffee to perfect the quality of the crema as it is a good indicator of a good quality espresso. We as coffee drinkers certainly appreciate a rich dark roast base crema to pass our lips.

What constitutes the Best Espresso Bean?

Quality Coffee Beans: There is plenty of argument about whether a particular coffee bean is more suited for espresso than another. Some baristas will stand by their assumption that a certain blend works better for espresso than any other.

Considering that espresso is somewhat more the process than the actual article it is suffice to say that a quality grown coffee bean, generally with a darker roast profile which has been carefully roasted and correctly ground should always be the base for a quality coffee.

Different areas prefer a lighter roast for an espresso, but the fuller taste of a dark roast seems to appeal to more of the coffee shops. There is no hard and fast rule about which roast profile is regarded as better than another..

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