Thursday, August 23, 2012


Executive summary about Best Cold Coffee Drinks To Make This Summer By Kayla Alves

The Best Cold Coffee Drinks To Make This Summer | Cold coffee is a great refresher to the summer and can perk anyone up as well. There are a lot of different types of cold coffee drinks you can enjoy. Some of the best coffee drinks include:

1. Iced Mocha
This is a great drink for anyone who loves coffee and chocolate. In create this delicious beverage you will need to brew some coffee and keep it in the fridge. Once you have the cold coffee, mix it with some milk of your choice, a bit of sugar and chocolate syrup. You can use sugar substitute if you would like to lower the calories. Just mix all of these together, finished and yummy! If you use hot coffee it's just going to melt down the ice and water-down your drink.

2. Thai Iced Coffee
You don't have to go to a Thai restaurant to get this, Same with the other recipe, you can easily make it at home. start out with some cold coffee. Mix this with sugar, cardamom, cream and almond extract. You can use as much of as you would like. so it's best to experiment with what works best for you. The spicy taste of the cardamom works great with the coffee and the cold ice makes it refreshing!

3. Frappuccino
Who doesn't love an iced or frozen Frappuccino on a hot summer? You don't have to shell out big bucks if you make it yourself. Use strong and cold coffee for this so the taste really stands out. Once you have this, pour it into a blender with some crushed ice. Add in your choice of milk and sugar.  If want to add a different flavor you can also add in some flavored syrup (there are sugar free options). Once this is all blended up, pour into a glass and serve with whipped cream on top. You can also add a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce if you like sweeter.

4. Mexican Iced Coffee
Anyone who has yet to try Mexican Iced Coffee. This has a kick but all the flavors work really well together. The ingredients you need include: milk, chocolate syrup, sugar, instant coffee, ice and ground cinnamon. Optional ingredients include: whipped cream, cinnamon sticks and tequila.

You can also use regular cold coffee if you don't have instant available. Once this is all blended up together in a blender. Add in tequila before you blend if you want an extra kick and then top with whipped cream, if desired.
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