Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Coffee Growing Countries Around The World

Executive summary about  Coffe Growing in The World by Rebecca G Wishford

Coffee grows in the region known as the Bean Belt. More than 50 counties grow coffee commercially. The main coffee producing country is Brazil. It has plenty of space for growing the crop and they grow both arabica and robusta plants (the two commercially viable varieties of coffee plant). Brazilian coffee is typically mild, sweet, medium-bodies, and low-acid.

In Central America, the main coffee producing countries are Guatemala and Costa Rica. The coffee from Guatemala is rich in flavour with a medium to full bodied flavour. The volcanic soil creates great growing conditions.

Grown mainly on small farms (fincas), the coffee is grown with great care to achieve fine quality beans.

Hawaii in the Caribbean produces the most coffee of the Hawaiian islands region. The coffee is rich and deep because of the arid landscape in which it grows.

Asian coffee producers include Vietnam and Indonesia. Indonesian coffee is particularly well known for fine coffee and names such as Sumatran and Java coffee should be familiar to you all. The cup tastes mildly acidic and mild bodied.

Coffee comes from many places around the world and each country produces a different tasting drink. 

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