Saturday, February 25, 2012


Brazil Coffee

Executive summary about Brazil coffee By Patrick D Summers

Before the Second World War, Brazil accounted for over half the world's coffee production. Large coffee buyers such as Starbucks and commodity traders watch Brazilian weather and coffee crop diligently because frost, drought, and other bad weather can cause world coffee prices to skyrocket. Inversely, a bountiful crop with yields above norms can cause world coffee prices to crash.

Coffee was first introduced to Brazil in 1720 from French Guyana. There is no native "Brazilian" variety of coffee. Due to Brazil's size and various growing regions, huge numbers of different varieties of coffee are available to world consumers. In fact, most major blends of coffee have some type of coffee bean grown in Brazil.

Brazilian coffee is mostly unwashed and sun dried. When purchasing Brazilian coffee you will find the beans are classified in the states where they are grown. If you enjoy Middle Eastern and North African coffees, you definitely should try coffee grown in the Brazil's northern seaboard. The Southern region of Brazil is the historic and traditional growing areas for coffee. Many specialty coffee trader's have close relations to the best coffee plantations in this region. Historically Brazilian coffee was used in blends and most espresso is derived from Brazilian beans.

Healthy Coffee Can Boost Your Immunity!

Executive summary about Healthy Brazil Coffee By Mark Ramos

Most health professionals are concerned with the fact that coffee has a high acidity and caffeine content. However, within these studies, there was found a certain type of coffee that can offer health benefits to boost the immune system.

Studies have shown that drinking coffee is beneficial to cardiovascular health, but you do need to drink it in moderation. The great news for any coffee lovers who are sensitive to caffeine is that you can drink decaf coffee to experience the same flavor and taste as a regular brew. 

Healthy Coffee is recommended for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer but still wants to drink coffee regularly. Healthy Coffee is supposed to be beneficial to patients with cancer because it can improve pH levels within the body. Coffee has a number of health benefits in itself, but if you want to take it a step further, then you can invest in Healthy Coffee. This type of coffee is infused with healthy mushroom extracts, and it is beneficial to boost the immune system.
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